Full Version: New army figure sculpture?
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(Reposting from Facebook RAT. This sculpture is in Norfolk, Virginia, USA)
Seán Markham
28 mins · Virginia Beach, VA · Edited
At the museum I work at we have many artifacts which are fairly well marked, however we have one piece which is very interesting I think. Its listed as medieval, 1000-1200 CE, and as a "seated Gaul... not really seated, more leaning" but has many Roman features, more than usual for an 11th century piece. The bits that can't be seen too, but might help in ID'ing, behind the statue is a tree/column and on the sides near the base are the very distinct Roman-Greek style 4-5 petal flowers I've typically seen on statues-stone work of that era, but not on anything past the Roman age. Almost looks Roman military-auxiliary, and not medieval as listed, but maybe not? So, any ideas or thoughts on this statue? Byzantine maybe?
Seán Markham's photo.
Thanks for posting this. Found my old account on here.

So just to make clear, he is not holding a sword or anything in his left hand. Seen it in person and nothing the looked like a blade weapon was in his hand.

Interesting to note is he might have long hair, but could be the way the cloak is too?

There is no other info for this as of righto now. Its old and found somewhere in Europe and at my museum, its listed as Medieval.... But I don't think it is, thus on here. Could be Carolingian Empire? Or Byzantine?
Interested in everyone's thoughts.

Sean Marcum
Could that stick in his left hand be a ruler?
Like a measuring ruler? Maybe?
There are many odd details about this piece. The, what appears to be long hair, is throwing me.
The hooked stick in his other hand reminds me of something but I cant place it, I'm thinking Egyptian perhaps Coptic maybe a surveyor? long shot?

Wrong time but right idea?

I think the items in his hands represent his profession...

perhaps Hellenistic, a Surveyor?
I can see that. The question is though. Did civilians wear belts with plates on them?..
ex military surveyor.?? The long tunic is bugging me tho.Please post if you get a positive ID otherwise i will have no hair left. Im sure ive read about long haired germanic mercanaries/ auxilliaries though
There are examples of decorative leather belts or straps so it need not be metal, the two stripes on the tunic I think are more relevant...

Anyway some questions :
Which Museum?
When was it acquired?
What stone is it made from?

I think this is probably Late Roman, I don't think its a soldier more likely an official (Tax)

Do you think its possible the "long hair" is part of a Halo?
Apparently it is in secure storage as Sean only saw it once.

It was acquired by a member of the automotive family the Cryslers, junior it seems, who bought and never wrote those things down.

Search "Seated Gaul"

If it isn't written down on here, means there isn't much more info. There is a higher focus on the art end, not the item. Search around the site. There are lots of great statues, but might take awhile to find things. Use keywords carefully.
Just a thought.. could it be a romano-egyptian mummification worker? bandage in his right hand, hook thing for pullig brains through nose in left hand, waccy hairdo/headress