Full Version: Phalerae on Stela help
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I once saw a stela or possibly just a sculpture that had a phalerae harness. What was particular about this set was that the central piece is huge with a full figure in the center and the shape was a stretched diamond. The rest of the phalerae are small and circular and they surround this figure.

Does anyone have any idea where this sculpture is from? Does anyone have good photos of this sculpture.

Someone also did a reconstruction of this phalerae set but I cannot seem to find anything.

Hello Doc,
Are you referring to this phalerae? I believe it belongs to Jef Pinceel who is a member of RAT.


Yes Phil,

Thank you for the sculpture.

Wow...that is really a nice set. Very interesting and different on Jeff's part.
Hello Phil,

From which tombstone or sculpture is this from? I saw it very long ago and cannot remember.

Not sure if this is of any help Doc?
Thanks helps greatly