Full Version: Electing Centurions (draft paper)
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I've been working on some thoughts about the election of centurions in the Roman army, fitting this phenomenon into the broader context of elected officers (military tribunes, quaestors, consuls, etc.). I have posted a draft paper on, and I would welcome the feedback of members of this forum. The link to the draft paper is here.
I read it. Very good. Well argued. Needs some proofreading/editing.

The only real input I can give is to explain what contio is a bit more, don't assume the reader knows what it means. I've been following this subject for a few years now and I only recently discovered the word and only after found out the importance of it and how it relates to Roman Republican open discussion and politics.
Dr. Taylor,

The article was fascinating and provides a needed insight into the period of the Roman Republic. Though I am not qualified to comment on your thesis, it is well-written. Minor proofing needs attending. Your source list is quite valuable.

I have looked at your academic site and wish more of your articles were published there.

Best wishes on this paper. I shall use it for research.


Pierre A. Kleff, Jr., MA, JD