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Hi, friends

Some years ago, I saw the Ermine Street Guard in Aalen, Germany. They had some Information desks with some paintings, made by former member Clive Constable. Does any of you know if These were published somewhere or has anyone copies of them?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hello Chris

Clive's paintings for the ESG Display boards as well as mine were not published. If there was anything in particular that you were after it might be possible to track down a copy.

Some of Clive's other paintings along with my own appeared in the publication 'Roman Middlewich' by Tim Strickland. A few of Clive's non ESG paintings were made into prints and are available from The Grosvenor Museum, Chester.

Hi, Graham
Thanks a lot for your Kind and quick answer! So I will try to get this book

Have a good summer

PM sent Chris.

Actually Clive's other paintings were published in 'The Romans at Wilderspool' Tim Strickland 1995 and not 'Roman Middlewich' by the same author.

Two copies of the Wilderspool book are available on Amazon at the moment but are expensive.