Full Version: Units in Thracian and Illyrian Field Armies
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I have a copy of the ND, from "The History Files" [] which give, in many cases, the location of units.
i.e. [The third Diocletiana legion, at Andropolis]
Very helpful information for a novelist. However, listed under [THE MASTER OF THE SOLDIERY IN ILLYRIA] or [THE MASTER OF THE SOLDIERY IN THRACE] there are no stations listed. They were stationed somewhere. Those units of the [THE DUKE OF SCYTHIA] have stations. Surely these two were not a competely mobile force with the subordinate units having no perminate station.
Is there somewhere where I can find that information?
Again, I thank you all in advance.
They were a completely mobile force and those units would be stationed when not in use, but their winter quarters, etc. changed, they had no permanent stations.