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I`m not a reenactor as yet, it`s something I may well consider, sometime in the near future and my interest, would be a legionary.
I would like to obtain some kit innitialy and of course, the right kit for the second Legion Augusta. I already have a Mainz Gladius, from Armamentaria. Could I be advised if Armamentaria is a good source for reenactment.

Hi Geoff!

Nice to hear you have interest in becomng a legionary. Armamentaria is definitely a good place to buy gear, the owner is a seasoned re-enactor himself and the stuff he sells is well researched..
Yes, I agree that Armamentaria is very good. Many times I wish I could afford some of their offerings but international shipping charges and all have been problematic….For me at least.

I'd also recommend looking at Leg. XX's page at
They give a lot of excellent information and a lot of references.

Speaking of which, if you get serious about this Roman stuff, look to get "Roman Military Equipment" by Bishop & Coulston, worth its weight in gold. Also, work by Graham Sumner ("Roman MIlitary Clothing"), and Richard Alston.

Check out, where you can download many monographs and papers for free, with many by those authors.

(I do NOT recommend anything by Dando-Collins. Not to start another flame-war. The work doesn't seem to reference much of the academic research. It seems to me, designed to be more like "Coffee Table Book" reading and not a serious, academic study. IMHO)

I, personally, advise new Romans to take it slow and steady. Research as best you can, and work up your "soft kit" first (no body armor) until you feel you can afford armor "off the shelf", or, even better, making it yourself at your own pace. (like the instructions on Leg XX's page, also pay close attention to their "What Not To Buy" listings, and be aware of sub-par gear on other vendor sites). Try to base your gear on archaeological finds as best you can -But don't freak out if it's not 'just right' overnight. You can always replace gear with better/upgrades/modifications. If it takes you a month to make a belt (or armor, etc), that fits you properly and you're satisfied with the work/quality you put into it, that will be so much better than shelling out a lot of money for a belt that doesn't fit, you'd have to modify or replace, etc.

Good luck!
I agree with Primus Pilus. Take your time. Before you invest a great deal in armor, you might wish to check the reputation of the supplier with experienced hands here. I might mention in passing that while some "off-the-shelf" armor is excellent, your body size (e.g., height, chest, etc.) might preclude such a purchase. If you are inept at making your own armor, as I confess I am, then you may have to use an armorer. This was what I did for my cuirass. Again, be careful. Check here for advice.

Best of luck. And welcome to the wonderful world of reenactment.

Petrus Augustinus
(aka Pierre Kleff)
Thanks Petrus.

I`ll be looking for a helmet and skull cap, obviously one which would fit in with Legio11 Augusta, for a legionary. I will ask Armamentaria innitially, for what they have and prices etc and of course its accuracy and price. if the group can help me with this, that`d be great. I`ll accept used items of course, largely because of my budget. Working as a nurse, in the NHS, isn`t lucrative.
I`m quite pleased with my Mainz Gladius but would also be interested in the Pompeii and or Fulham.

Much obliged.

Thanks Virilis,

I`ll keep you updated. Clearly, Iv`e got a lot to learn but Iv`e been keen on the subject, since I was a boy.

Thanks Primus.

I`ll try and take all this in. Accuracy, with Legio11 Augusta, is important to me and I`m in no hurry and having a budget, will help see to that.

I`ll keep you posted.

Geoff, a skull cap or helmetliner is often swnd with the helmet. DO NOT USE THESE!!! I prefer a felt phrygian cap.
They are accurat and you can wear it without the helmet.
succes with your kit.

Thanks for the tip.
Would you yourselves have a spare phrygian cap, or to buy at the group and what head sizes, do you go by?
If not, I could always try Armemantaria, as I`m looking for a helmet also, that would fit in with the second Legio Augusta for the period.


I did forget to ask of what type of helmet, I should be looking for. I believe, two or three, may have been used by second Legio Augusta. Any particular one I should ask for. Ideally, not the most costly.

Hi Geoff
Firstly, you keep on about a correct helmet for II AVG. You do not state what time period you require. II AVG were around for over 400 years.
This link may help you with a rough timeline of helmets.
Just remember that different types of helmets and of different ages were used within a Legion.
Hi Kevin.

Around the invasion of briton.

OK....just remember not to get too elaborate with the Helmet. The belt and Pugio at this time were very elaborate. Finds at Hod Hill, Lake Farm near Windborne, Waddon Hill, near Beaminster Dorset and running into Devon to the Legionary Fortress, should provide countless LEG II AVG finds on which to base your reproductions. Failing that, Look for mid 1st Cent finds from Mainz in Germany. We know the Legion, or part of it was garrisoned before the invasion. Kit from there would not look amiss. Also going back further, we know the Legion was Garrisoned at Strasbourg before that. So kit from there could also be used.
Re Helmet.......its a fact that there is no archaeological record of a Galic type Helmet being used in the UK at invasion time, only Coolus types of a later date. That does not mean that they were not used though.
Geoff, a felt cap is very easy to make, just vind Some woolfelt and wool jarn ans sew together. After that felt it with soap. It should look like a smurfs hat look at my Facebook profile and you see wath i mean
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