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Hey Guys. There are probably a few of you out there who remember me from my time with the RMRS. Those of you who do will no doubt also be familiar with some of my writing. The last two of my books were non-fiction and covered the Boudican revolt and the Claudian invasion of Britain. In fact, I do recall there was some discussion on here, a few years ago, concerning, my take on the Boudican revolt. ('Boudica's Last Stand.' - History Press - Eds 2006 & 2011)

Well, this time, I've gone back to my roots and released Book 1 of 'Britannia, the Invasion Chronicles'. It's the first in a trilogy of novels, set initially against the backdrop of the Claudian invasion. The main character, Vepitta, is merely a humble Legionary. However, not only does the story see him involved in some of the most graphic and realistic battle scenes you'll ever read, the plot also sees him sucked deep into the scheming of a vengeful young Roman noble woman.

Of course, if you're more into the technical side of the invasion, then you might want to try my non-fiction version, 'To Rule Britannia', which convincingly dispels, once and for all, the theory of a landing at Chichester. However, if like me, you like a break from the technical stuff now and again, I promise you that Britannia will more than satisfy your needs for a little escapism, whilst still keeping you firmly rooted in the Roman world.

Oh, and it also goes without saying. I'd love to hear what you think. Smile

John Waite

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Welcome, John

Another novelist on RAT. Confusedmile:

Pleasing to see you picked up 9 positive reviews of the Chronicles on Amazon. Far better than I did, but Amazon pulled two reviews of my novel for no reason with no explanation. I also went through Createspace when publishing The Demon's Door Bolt. Good luck in the future.
Many thanks, Alan.

I know what you mean about Amazon pulling reviews.

They weeded my reviews for Boudica's Last Stand and when I tried to complain I got nowhere. Still, writing is full of fun things like this so I suppose we just have to smile and take it on the chin. Smile
Quote:Still, writing is full of fun things like this so I suppose we just have to smile and take it on the chin. Smile

That's about the size of it. It sure isn't about making big money. It's the love of the craft, and perhaps making a few readers smile. :wink:
Very true, indeed!