Full Version: R.I. P. Terry Pratchett
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I'm not quite what you would call a "Science Fiction/Fantasy" fan.
On the contrary: I never was and I'll never be.
But with my sometimes strong aversions I customarily do make exceptions.
Aside Douglas Adams , Terry Pratchett was one of them here.
For their ways of making you grin or smile while reading.
Especially sad news that such a person got caught by a severe variation of "Alzheimer".


,,,,,,, only mindful people really have a mind to loose.
The Turtle Mourns
One of my favorite authors... He will be missed.
His clever take on the world always made me smile, and often made me laugh out loud. I am sorry for his passing.
Sadly I have never read any of his books, although I have seen some model figures based on his characters. Apparently 'the traveler' or something like that bears an uncanny likeness to a well know artist!

One of the highlights of the last RAT conference in Regensburg was a trip to a Terry Pratchett themed restaurant!