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I searched through and couldn't find any other threads about ancient coins so I figured I'd make one myself. I have a few ancient Roman Coins and I'd like to share it with RAT. Here is one of my favorites.

[Image: IMG_20150404_161824286_zpsv3o72zhd.jpg]

This is Trajan. The 13th emperor of Rome. I believe most know his background and where he came from. If not here's a link
Information on Trajan

This coin is a Bronze Sesterius 33mm (27.69 grams) It was minted between 114-116 A.D

Here is the back

[Image: IMG_20150404_161836747_zpsgu9ly22l.jpg]

This is Trajan seated on a platform with two officers, addressing five soldiers in the background three standardsl in exergue, Imperator VIIII /S.C

If someone comes back with a coin of their own, I will reply with my favorite and most cherished coin. I hope to see some interesting coins with interesting stories.
Nice coin. Do you know the RIC or Sear number for it?

Also, does it have any provenance? I mean like the information on where it was found and when.
I don't know if this has anything to do it, but it's a reference #

Reference C 178; BMC 1019; RIC 658; CBN 844; Kent-Himer pl. 76, 265; Strack 464
Pedigree: Ex Gorny & Mosch

I don't know really what that means.
By the way, any new research on the origin of coinage or is Lydia still considered its birthplace? I was under the impression that a minority opinion argued for Ionia, at least with regards to genuine silver and gold coinage (as opposed to electrum).
I have started a small collection myself and my favorite is also a sestertius of Trajan. The front is in great condition, however the back isnot as good as the front. Beautiful patina in my opinion. Love this coin Smile

[Image: 31er3u2.jpg]
[Image: ln7Ft5N.jpg]
That is a beautiful coin. I said if someone showed me a coin, I in return will give a picture of my favorite coin so here it is.

[Image: IMG_20150404_161717881_zpsc6j3tmxf.jpg]

Here is Rome's very first Emperor. Emperor Augustus.

here is the back of the coin.

[Image: IMG_20150404_161738687_zpsmjogsvrb.jpg]

This is the Divus Julius which is known as Caesar's Comet.

You can find the information about Caesar's Comet here
Here is a Denarius I found very recently and it is one of Marcus Atilius Saranus 148 BC it is very interesting that this coin was in circulation for almost 500 years before being lost maybe some 1600 years ago.


nice coin, jus a warning for the beginner collectors, lots of fakes on the market (mostly silver or gold) so before purchase be careful, you should start learning something about coinage and how to see the fakes a great forum to learn about is:

Aaron you should learn at least some basics if you would like to collect
Makes more fun so
I would like to make the Caesar Augustus coin my avatar, how does one go about doing that?