Full Version: 6052N Imperial Gallic G
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Hallo guys:

I've just bought a roman helmet from deepeeka, the model 6052N Imperial Gallic G. Since you people have much more experience than I (I'm new in the reenactement roman military gear), I would like to know your opinion, if I bought a good Roman helmet or no. Thanks a lot guys and a happy new year to you all.
It's not terrible. It's certainly one of the best helmets Deepeeka makes, it's one of the helmets I recommend to people just starting out.
Most of the Deepeeka Roman helmets are quite accurate with the exception of their economy line, their own versions of the trooper helmet, and their pre N-series helmets. Their N-series Gallic G is quite accurate, so you will have no problems using it in a group, unless they are a different time period.