Full Version: Accept my major fault
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Hello to all,
i accept my major fault , the reason of my major fault is quick work and without research.
hope you will see good and accurate post in future.

with best regards - sajid
Sajid, thank you, maybe we were too hard on you but before making something copied from another company, please think of if you are replicating a find, or replicating someone else's work. I hope that you can make some good things but research is necessary. Try making something based off a Roman object. Smile
Sajid, you are welcome when you come baring good or improved goods. As a suggestion, please ask the roman community what they want, many of us will even do the investigation for you.
Yes, some of us might do some research for the benefit of a good product for us in the end...
Sajid, an option might be to make yhe iron parts for a scorpion 9 The roman crosbow).
That would be nice to have! A set of pieces to build a scorpion for reenactment. What a great idea!
Very limited in production numbers....cant see that happening.
Quote:Sajid, an option might be to make yhe iron parts for a scorpion 9 The roman crosbow).

I think this would be a one a off order and working to accurate drawings of the device and components, its likely some adjustment would be needed later to fit the parts... Probably better done either as a complete piece or as a more local project where the woodwork is already made.... I think there are a number of blacksmiths who could do the metalwork in Holland and Germany...