Full Version: agrippa & the corvus
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In his new book about Marcus Agrippa, Lindsay Powell describes that Agrippa re-used the corvus against Sextus Pompey.

I thought the corvus was scrapped after the first punic war never to be used again. This was because it made the vessel unstable in bad weather.

Does anybody now more about this?
The wiki article seems to think it was based off instability:

"Some other historians believe that its weight on the prow compromised the ship's navigability and the Romans lost almost two entire fleets to storms in 255 and in 249 BC, largely due to the instability caused by the device. These losses were probably the main reason for the abandonment of the boarding-bridge in ship design by the end of the war."

Corvus Boarding Device

Also, I thought that Agrippa used the harpax, not the traditional style large corvus.