Full Version: Exhibitions Alert : Death out of the Blue ....
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- Artillery in Antiquity.
This seem to have been overshadowed a bit by the preaparations for the Limes Congress.
But there is an Exhibition staged a the Saalburg (near Bad Homburg/Germany) until Nov. 1st 2015
Therefore ist to late for the Opening Lceture that had been Held on July 5th.
But there are "specialists" available "on site" for more explanations on the subject from Juli 26th to Oct. 25th, 2015.
The "makers" will explain the technology behind it so it says on the Website:
"Experimental Day" will be on Aug. 30th when "the soldiers of VEX LEG VIII AVG will invite you to join in".
Press Liasion Person :
Dr. Carsten Amrhein
TEL 06175/9374-23, FAX 06175/9374-11
a[email protected]

Contact ( and site's adress) in general:
Am Römerkastell 1
TEL 06175/9374-0 FAX 06175/9374-11
E-MAIL [email protected]
......and .....have I mentioned that already ...
........the site's also hosting a Limes Information Centre and the Saalburg Institute, well known since the times of Dr. Dietwulf Baatz and Dr. Egon Schallmayer .
What a great intermediate break on the way to or from the Limeskongress at Ingolstadt in September ?! :whistle:


Great news! I already made plans to visit the museum after the congress, so this will be a wonderful addition to the visit.