Full Version: Wooden toilet seat found at Vindolanda
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First and only wooden one ever found.
Nice piece Vindolanda is always good for a surprise
The news made it to the German press: Das hölzerne Römerklo
I know, it's fantastic. I need to email someone about this...
Has a slot in the front for the sponge on a stick too!
Great find.......but no "toilet" humour yet?
Did they find it in a bog? :whistle:
Someone had to start it.
Pretty shitty joke .... Big Grin
Are you pulling my chain Robert?
Kevin tables from Vindolanda--- with a different message this time. :whistle:


No link seen that is pants.... :woot:
Don't leave a turd unturned, do you?
Put a lid on it they were flushed when they found this.
Wow, shit really hit the fan with this thread.
Perhaps something similar will be found at Lavatris.
Tha latest find from very close by the toilet seat are the remains of the boards of some wax tablets.

Perhaps an early version of the Sol?
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