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is it Roman handle sword or not ?
if possible explain about this sword handle, it
made of brass

with best regards-sajid
Likely not Roman, looks middle eastern to me... maybe Turkish, but I'm no expert.
Is it solid metal? Cast in one piece?
I would suggest that it is from a C19th Mameluke-hilted sword. It is missing the guard, which would often have been a separate piece threaded onto the tang. They were all the rage after Napoleon's conquest of Egypt, and many of them were made in India for the East India Company, and for export.
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Looks like a fairly recent dagger handle. The quality of the casting looks mechanical - i.e. not cire perdue.
That looks suspiciously 19th century, not ancient Roman.

I'm not aware of any Roman hilt/handle findings archaeologically that are not organic - being wood, bone, or ivory. Even the handles on many Pugio daggers, while having metal plates on the sides, have bone or wood 'inserts' in between.

I don't think I've ever seen an all-metal handle in Roman context. Lions also do not appear to be a common Roman motif for sword handles. Some birds/eagles show up in 3rd-4th century AD contexts, but not lions.
it is not solid and made in two piece which looks like one piece.

with best regards-sajid
If you want an accurate comment on the hilt you need to show the inside of the two pieces and how they fit together, i.e. how the tang of a blade might be attached to the handle. Views of the slot to take the blade at the forte, with the halves together, would also be useful.
We take two seprate piece than tang of a blade attached after this, we welding it
at last we grainder it for finishing below are these example.

with best regards-sajid
At a loss for words .......

PLEASE stop bugging us with questions about awful fantasy objects like this and read a book, any book, on Roman swords. This a forum dedicated to serious research and the exchange of usefull information for those who care. Your postings are in my view disrespectful of that aim.

PS please also do not PM me. I have had my say
I see, you make them. The cockerel is from a type of 19th century French sapeur's sword. Then no, the brass lion's head hilt does not fit with any known Roman sword hilt types.