Full Version: Legio XVII standard
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I need help finding the symbols for the Legio septima decima
If any one could help me out it's for a project I have going...
Any help I can get on this i would be so great full...
let me guess on this, this is the MISTERY LEGION
The XVII was one of the 3 legions lost at Teutoburger Forest in the Varrus disaster, where it lost its Aquila and was never rebuilded.

I think it was stationed on 15 BC in Xanten (Castra Vetera).

It was probably raised by Augustus and might have then an Capricorn as emblem but can be a Lion or something else

Some good speculation can be read here, it might be true or not:

Finally you choose a hard one but you can be creative and I think an Capricorn looks better then an Lion Sad

an interesting book would be:
•R. Wiegels, "Legiones XVII, XVIII, XIX", in: Yann Le Bohec, Les l�gions de Rome sous le Haut-Empire (2000 Lyon) 75-8
Thank you...Gunthamund Hasding
A client wants a gladius made to pay tribute to the Legio XVII
Thanks why i asked...Again thank you