Full Version: first original Carthaginian helmet found?
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Sounds exciting! Hard to know what to make of the helmet though...

Interesting but, yes, very difficult to make anything of the helmet prior to restoration.

The excavators earlier speculated that one of the Montefortinos (PW11-0030) could have been Carthaginian based on an inscription. For a publication of the finds made to date see

Tusa & Royal

Also, one of the rams, Egadi 7 has one of the most realistic depictions of a Montefortino with a triple feather crest. See fig. 10 in Tusa & Royal and pic no. 4 on this site:

Egadi 7

as well as this great site:

Based on the description in the text (nasal, deep neck guard), the helmet appears most likely to be a variant of the Chalcidian or even Ibero-Chalcidian type. At least in Spain these helmets appear to have remained in use through the end of the 3rd century BC: