Full Version: Cornicen, ways to position the cornu
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I looked around Ostia a few days ago and found this in it's museum.
What struck me was the position the Cornu was being held while played, not one I'd seen before.
The plaque info says only that they are soldiers playing the tuba and horn.

[Image: IMG_0397_zpseef59ff6.jpg]

Anyone got any reasons for playing it like this?
Space. The sculptor would have had the choice of making the cornicen smaller than the tubicen in order to get the instrument into the space available in its normal upright position, or have the cornu played sideways.
Not especially convinced by that reason, it could easily be fitted in whats become a conventionally accepted position.
There ought to be another explanation of this, even if its only flamboyance.

Any Cornicen players out there care to comment....or actually try playing like this?
Looks like this guy's doing it in the same way:

[Image: Cornicen.jpg]

(From the Ludovici sarcophagus, I think - mid 3rd century)
On the assumption that it's reasonably heavy - it does, particularly from the last view, seem a good way to carry it with the shoulders taking the weight.