Full Version: \'Leather in Warfare\' at Royal Armouries
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I posted this in rules by mistake so I am putting it here too!

Anyone interested in going?

Leather in warfare - Royal Armouries, Leeds
13-14 November 2014

This conference on leather is being run by the Royal Armouries in Leeds in conjunction with the Archaeological Leather Group. Topics include Roman military leatherwork, leather in Japanese armour construction and leather horse armour. Also
crocodile armour, Ayyubid and Mamluk armour and leather plate armour in 14-19th century England.


£50 (Non ALG members)

Concession £40 (ALG members only)

For further information and to book a place please see
I deleted the extra.

Also, this looks cool. I will never attend an event like this for fear of getting into another Leather Musculata debate though...
I'm planning to be there :-)