Full Version: Belgrade and Roman Ruins/Museums
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I am spending seven days in Belgrade (Singidunum) in the middle of August this year, visiting a friend's art exhibition, and wondered if anyone could recommend any specific museums or ruins that I could visit whilst staying in the capital?

We will be renting an apartment and can travel outside Belgrade to other sites if they are reasonably nearby. Any suggestions would be welcome! I will of course take pictures so if anyone desires specific shots let me know andI will attempt to fulfill those requests.

Thanks in advance!
Don't you live in Belgrade Pavel?

Here's what's there:
No, he doesn't - and thank you for the wiki link. I have already checked that out, of course. Smile
Would Trajan's Canal be too far to travel?

Something I've got on my list "to do". The bridge is a little further away :???:

And any more info/opinion on this would be nice Smile
Thank you for the link to that armour and that plate with the repousse' is just one gorgeous piece of workmanship, it reminds me of the many hours spent creating horse chamfrons love it.
I have looking again at that piece of repousse' and at the top there is a panel where I think it may have been a bit like a tabula ansata, in fact I don't know if I am reading too much into it but does there appear to be a letter G in it that might at some time have been the name of a particular Legion.
Hey Longovicium,

Sremska Mitrovica has a museum based on the ancient city of Sirmium. If its any good I wouldn't know as I have never been.

In Belgrade, there is a fortress called Kalemegdan, which has been demolished and rebuilt numerous times through history. Kalemegdan isn't really Roman era, but in 2012 they did have an exhibition on roman ruins that were found which were mainly tombstones

Belgrade as a whole has been through very harsh history and has been burnt to ashes 30 odd times, so therefore a lot of Roman history has been burnt.

Majority of Serbia has fortress that were built pre, during and post Ottoman empire days.

Novi Sad also has a fortress but unfortunately its post Roman era.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
National museum is closed, Belgrade city museum does not have exhibition. Millitary museum on Belgrade fortress has roman remains on the exhibition. On northeastern side of Belgrade fortress remains of castra are visible (wall and one tower).
List of sites and museums in Sebia:
Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica)- few sites and museum. Novi sad - Vojvođanski museum. Kladovo museum of Đerdap. Karataš Diana - site. Pontes Kostol - site. Lepenski vir is early neolithic but if you are there you should see it. Negotin museum. Felix Romuliana - Galerius palace-site. Zaječar museum. Ravna museum and Timacum minus site. Niš museum, and Mediana site. Iustiniana prima - site. Leskovac museum. I have listed just sites and museums where you will see important remains and material. There are other stuff which you should check in Serbia, like food, vines and rakija, but someone else will tell you about that when you come. You can send me PM for help and advice.
Crazy me, forgot to mention Viminacium site and Požarevac museum with important stuff to see....
Thanks for heads up there, guys! For some reason, I am not being alerted to responses despite checking the box which should do so.

I am not sure how much time we will have for travels afield from Belgrade. I have a found a PDF which flags up Roman areas/sites of interest so that helps.

I wonder how long the National Museum is closed for and if it will open in August when we travel out there?

The links above are great - I appreciate that!

Thanks again - hopefully when I return I can post up some pics if anyone is interested.
National museum exhibition of Roman remains was removed during bombarding in 1999, and since than it is closed.