Full Version: Roman (related) must sees in Turkey?
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In the autumn where going to Turkey.
So I wandered what is there, Ancient, Roman and others to see and visite there?
Theodosian Land Walls in Istanbul.
Aphrodisias extensive excavated ruins of a large roman town destroyed by earthquake, some very good sculpture there too ;-)
Pammukale - amazing geological features and ruins of ancient Hieropolis.
Quote:Pammukale - amazing geological features and ruins of ancient Hieropolis.

Not too far from Pammukale is Ephesus and the sad remains of the Temple of Artemis. I am actually undertaking a tour in October called 'In the footsteps of Alexander' which takes in Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, Pammukale and other sites, although I have visited some of them before.

In the area stretching between Bodrum and Izmir there are many almost intact Roman temples which you can see in the fields by the side of the roads you travel on. No one bothers if you pull over and wander through them past the grazing goats!

You must take in Istanbul but beware, the Turks are 'restoring' many monuments there and not in a way we understand restoration!!!
I heard they tried to "restore" a section of the Theodosian walls a couple decades back and an earthquake shook all the "restored" stuff down, while the original walls were unharmed.
Cool I will be in Antalya for a week end of October.
There is Side, and Perge quite close but I will also have to go to Sagalassos and the Museum in Burdur if I can manage.
There's a lot to see here roman related. Of course there is the basilica cisterns, Hagia Sofia in Sultanahmet that everyone goes and sees plus a few of the obelisks that stood in the hippodrome. Don't forget to check out the mosaic museum located behind the blue mosque. Many people don't check it out because it's such a small museum but I think it's pretty cool. Also must sees are the istanbul arcaelogical museum and the millitary museum in harbiye (one stop on the metro from taksim square) or walk between taksim and harbiye and in front of the Divan Hotel there is a roman era obolisk out front. The collum of Constantine stands between Sultanahmet and the grand bazar. There is a fair sized portion of the aquaduct in Fatih, still in the old city. And in the Bosforus is the maidens tower which is now a rather expensive restaurant that's not worth the price but a nice place for a cocktail.

Outside istanbul headind past the hellespont, Canakale, the ruins of Troy are a good see as well as Assos. As said elsewhere Effesus is definitely a must see. I've not been to Capadocia or Kayseri but everyone likes Capadocia a lot and Caesar's city has a few things as well. Didem, in Aydin has a huge Greek temple of Apollo as well.

There are a lot of Roman sites in the south east but some of those areas aren't very safe at the moment if you are traveling with family, but they are not as bad as they sound and if you're not botherd by that kind of thing .

Lots to see here!
Thanks guys!