Full Version: Roman Brass Plate on Hamata/Squamata
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What are those little brass plates that were often on a Hamata or Squamata called? Also, does anyone have any images of finds?
Do you mean that? [Image: 180613120210_rrw1a.jpg]

Are plates for closing the neck area.
These plates in the Robinson Book are simply refered to as Breastplates and he mentions that some may have been Die-struck, however in the past I have made a few sets of these by hammer worked repousse' in the same fashion as most of the 3rd century Straubing horse chamfrons that I have done.
Thanks guys. That's what I was going to do actually, make one with repousse' with some brass sheet I'm ordering today. Learned it in Art Class and it's the most fun thing I've ever done in Art.

Anyone got images of originals?