Full Version: Looking for Celtic bean seeds
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Any of the gardeners out there found a source for Celtic Bean seeds? I can't seem to find any online.
The specific seeds I am after are Vicia faba var. equina

Any help would be greatly appreciated
The us department of Agriculture has a heritage seed program and they will send free samples for research purposes.
USDA lists two places:

What is different about this from the Faba bean?
Thanks for the info guys but I wonder if the USDA would send seed overseas to the UK?

Luckily, our UK equivalent of Seedsavers have finally answered my e-mail sent some time ago. They have a couple of growers for this variety so I might be able to get some seed for next season Confusedmile:

They are Fava Beans - but almost all garden broad beans are cultivars of Vicia faba var. major, however Celtic Beans are Vicia faba var minor or var equina depending on your source. The var. major type of bean are the more modern ones, the result of breeding for size and improved cooking qualitiies.

After looking online for hours, you get plenty of info on how they mae the best falafel flour and are grown in arabic countires where they are known as 'Tic' Beans and that they are 'commonly grown in Europe (as Horse Beans) for livestock feed' - so where are the seed suppliers!!!!!! :x :x :x - gets off soap box and stops foaming at the mouth!