Full Version: Late antique Spangenhelmets
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I saw this article posted by Christian Miks:

And was wondering if someone could help me with the information in it? I've been able to identify the names of several helmets (Krefeld-Gellep, Sinj, Narona, etc.) but I know little about them. As I am devoting a few brief sections to Roman and Barbarian military equipment in my book (One on Roman, one on Barbarian, one on Hunnic), it would be most appreciated.

You will have seen the English language summary at the end of the document.

Miks deals with a helmet sold on the art market and concludes that it is a modern pasticcio from two separate ancient helmets. In this context he deals with the technological differences of late antique helmets (ridge helmets, Bandhelme, Spangenhelme etc.) and with the contexts of deposition. The graphs on p. 403 summarize the technological differences. If you could point out your specific interest, I could take a look to see whether this is covered by Miks.

If your interest is in Spangenhelme in particular, the German language work of Mahand Vogt provides the most extensive coverage and contains long catalogues and bibliographies.

If you are looking for works in other languages, download the English and French works of Damien Glad from In particular his "Origine et diffusion de l’équipement défensif corporel en Méditerranée orientale" is extremely valuable.
Hey Jens,

I'll give the article you mentioned a look at. I was interested in the context in which these spangenhelmets were found; Germanic Burial and Dating specifically.


or James, 1986,Evidence from Dura Europos for the origins of late roman Helmets