Full Version: Festus and the Etruscan Libri Rituales
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Does anyone have a translation of Sextus Pompeius Festus (358 L)? It is suppose to describe the Etruscans’ Libri Rituales, which according to one modern scholar it describes “city rites, the consecration of altars and temples, how to sanctify walls and gates lawfully, how tribes, curias and centuries are arranged, armies founded and arrayed and all else of such characters pertaining to war and peace.”

It sounds too good to be true, but as I haven’t a translation, I will await judgement. :unsure:

Also is there an English translation of Festus? So far I have not found one.

Thanks in advance Confusedmile:

I've put a link here you might find interesting-

Festus' work is, as far as I am aware, simply a lexicon defining certain significant words. If you were hoping to find in it any details of the Etruscan rituals, you will be disappointed. The Latin text reads:

Rituales nominantur Etruscorum libri, in quibus perscribtum est, quo ritu condantur urbes, arae, aedes sacrentur, qua sanctitate muri, quo iure portae, quomodo tribus, curiae, centuriae distribuantur, exercitus constituant(ur), ordinentur, ceteraque eiusmodi ad bellum ac pacem pertinentia.

That is all; it then goes on to deal with the next word. The translation of most of the entry is as you quote on your opening post.


Thanks Renatus,

I now understand what exactly the modern scholar I was using meant. It wasn't that there was some in depth detail about the organisation of the Etruscan army, but a meaning of a word.