Full Version: Who is on this coin?
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Hello folks. I just received an ancient coin that was described as being "from around the 4th century AD." I can make out the letters "TIU" on the upper-right edge, followed by what appears to be a space, then "AUG." It also bears a pretty close resemblance to this coin I found of Constantius II.
Here's a photo. Is it safe to assume this is definitely a coin of Constantius II?

DN (Dominus Noster) CONSTANTIVS PF ( Pius Felix) AVG (Augustus)

Constantius II. If you have a picture of the reverse I can give you a reference number and the city and possibly the year it was minted in.
Awesome, thanks Jay. Here's the other side:
Although I can't make out the mint, it's the same style of reverse as this one:

[Image: _alexandria_RIC_VIII_072.jpg]

Those three letters on the bottom right would be "TIO" and it might be Alexandria Mint.

The die is different, of course.
Almost Evan, the mint is Siscia

It's rough but this is what I think it is:

Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirass bust right

soldier spearing falling enemy horseman who wears Phrygian helmet and is reaching backwards; shield on ground to right. ASIS Reversed Z in exergue.

ASIS is Siscia mint
351-355 AD

Reference: RIC VIII 352 (Roman Imperial Coins)

Similar to this:
I believe the coin was struck to commemorate Constantius's victory over the Sarmatians. He was acclaimed Sarmaticus twice, Gothicus once, there are records of him fighting the Sarmatians in the 350's but no real evidence he fought the Goths at that time.
Quite possible. This is a huge series with many mints and officinas . Its probably the most common type of Roman coin. It's interesting that they don't mention his Sarmaticus or Gothicus titles!
Ah Siscia. I thought that was a B, not an S.

Thanks Jay.
I have an example of the same coin type, the mint mark on mine is "CONSZ".
CONS: Constantinople mint, Z: officina 7