Full Version: 1st Century Scabbard Questions
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I have a few questions on 1st Century Scabbards for the Mainz, Fulham, and Pompeii styles.

THe only examples I have been able to hold in my hand were manufactured in India. They are of simple construction. The main body of the Scabbards (if looking at a cross section are high in the center and tapered off to the edges in an "Eye" shape ( ) more so then rectangular [ ].

Because I am constructing my own scabbards for my impressions "Kits" I would like some input or direction on the actual wood construction of the body of the Scabbard styles and Pictures or drawings if anyone has some.

Also, (and please forgive me if my terminology is incorrect) How do you go about making the various style "Cross bands" that hold the rings? Is that something you can purchase or is there some type of stamp or mold that you use to form them?

Your help and suggestions would be an awesome help.
Thank you

Oh Patrick I got my Camera working. I just remembered about sending you guys pics of stuff from the Miks book, I'll try and do it tomorrow.
Greatly appreciated.
Hi Patrick. I will be uploading some photos to my pompeii thread. You will see the hangers I have made. I'd be happy to answer any questions.