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i am looking for an information regarding Caius Fabius who was a legate of Caesar. I wasnt able to find any on the net and i wonder if anybody here can help me.
"Roughly" translated from the Italian Wikipedia:

Caius Fabius, from the gens Fabia, was a Roman soldier who served as a legate during Caesar's campaigns in Gaul (54 - 49 BC).
In 54 BC was encamped with his troops near the Morini territories (a Belgic tribe of northern Gaul), in 53 BC he took a part in the campaign against the Menapi, and in 52 BC he participated at the siege of Alesia.
During 51 B.C. he was sent to assist Gaius Caninius Rebilus in the war against the Pictones (a tribe inhabiting a region along the Bay of Biscay in the western France).
In 49 BC, after the outbreak of the civil war between Caesar and Pompey, he held the troops of Pompey at the city of Ilerda (modern-day Lleida, Spain), until the arrival of Caesar.
After this event, he disappears from the historical scene. According to some scholars he should be identified with the praetor (58 BC) and the proconsul of Asia (57 BC) [1], while for others with the Plebeian tribune of the 55 BC [2].

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thank you. it was very helpful.