Full Version: CONQUEST, The Roman Invasion of Britan
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The title is above, by John Peddie.
I found this to be a very interesting book focusing on the Logistics of the Invasion down to the areas of operations allocated to the Roman Army during the invasion and afterwards. This review may have been posted before but I can find no ref.
If anyone has read this book I would be interested on your opinions, as I have this book I can cross relate to you.
A damn good read with.......opionated circumstance's at times, but relates to a generalised process of how an Invasion would/ or did/ happen.
Can Mods move this to reviews please. I thought I had posted it there.
Simon Scarrow wrote a few books about this, they are historical fiction and thus not what you're looking for if you want strictly the truth but he is a history teacher and knows his facts about everything Roman. They are great reads and if you're interested in that you might like to check them out. The Eagle's Conquest, Hunting The Eagle
But whose Eagle am I hunting.......for gods sake don't say the Ninth.
If it is then the historical aspects of both books are a mile apart.

I assume you are aware of the same author's book on the Roman army of the late Republic/Principate:

It is many years since I read it but I recall it was as enjoyable as "Conquest". I think the fact that he was a former soldier brought some nice perspectives.

Regards, John