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Can someone provide me a reference to AHM Jones' paragraph about the Placidi Valentiniani Felices?

It's in his book Fall of the Roman Empire 284-602.

Thank you,
MMFA/Evan S.
I assume you mean The Later Roman Empire 284-602.

The only reference that I have found to the unit that seems to be the one you are interested in is in Appendix II dealing with the Notitia Dignitatum. Placidi Valentinianici Felices appears in Table III on p.1431. It gets a brief mention at the end of the second full paragraph on p.1423 as follows:

'Second from last in the Italian infantry (vii. 36), but not yet entered in the list of the magister peditum, are the Placidi Valentinianici Felices, probably an auxilium palatinum, clearly named after Valentinian III in 420 or later.'

Is this what you are after?
Yes, thank you Renatus.

One step closer to completing the second-to-final draft of my article. Now all I need is a copy of EA Thompson...
Quote:Yes, thank you Renatus.
You're welcome.
What Thompson work are you wanting the quote from?