Full Version: Notitia Dignitatum
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Anyone got better images of the Notitia? It's almost impossible to see the shield designs, and a better look at the patterns of the Valentinianenses Iuniores (In Gaul) and Valentinianenses Felices (In Dalmatia) would be much appreciated.

I'm assuming you've gone through these sites? Especially the second link. There are lots of good images of the shield patterns For Valentinianenses Iuniores

and for Valentinianenses Felices

You can certainly zoom in enough to see what the shields are all about.
You can download a high resolution scan of the complete notitia dignitatum here:


This is the version from Speyer which has colours which differ from the Oxford version you find at the links above.

When scrolling through the document, make sure to scroll to the very end. The illustrations in the first half of the document were rejected by the Elector who commissioned the copy and another set of illustrations was made on his orders which closely follow the original.