Full Version: Need Info on Gladius Hispanensis, Leiden Museum NL
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I am looking for more information and pictures of the Scabbard decoration for the Gladius Hispanensis, Leiden Museum, NL which is found on the

THe one I am looking at is the one in the center that appears to have a roman coin for a cape.

Does anyone have other pictures or drawings of that Scabbard or any other scabbard like the middle one in the picture?

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks. Patrick

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Maybe it is on this site :
good luck hunting
I have tried to acces the ancientreenacting site, but that is a PAIN, I am still waiting for approval to register .....
As far as I know you're on the list of people that are banned from that site. :dizzy:

I have absolutely no say in how that site runs, just to let you guys know.
No, I am apparently not, as my application was accepted. But it seems proboard does not allow a guest feature to view said post, so that is why I registered, to see if I could help out, as once I know the spot said Gladius was found (and not where it is shown), I may be able to find it in Miks, which has excellent drawings..
They don't think my Christian name is a valid username, so I gave up trying to become a member. :-(
I wonder could this be the picture you are looking for.
Found it! Pfff, took a bit of effort, Patrick likes a good puzzle. The B159 chape in this picture is not connected to or with the scabbardplate B300,7 found at Valkenburg above it and was a loose find. It is not a coin, but the chape is fashioned from two disks, with mentions of Trajan and Hadrian. As far as I can see in Miks, this is the only one of this kind in existence. As it was dredged up, there is no dating, nor does Miks hazard a guess at what type of sword it once belonged to. The date given is a TPQ of 117/118 AD. The scabbardplate above it is dated 39 -41 AD
I have just been looking again at that picture I posted and the face looks like it could be an early one of Hadrian and like on many of his earlier coins I have found there are always references to Trajan even Nerva.
Then just from the curiosity point of view and yet I may well be wrong but can this not be a sword scabbard chape at all but the bottom end of a Pugio scabbard as many of these did indeed have such round terminals.
It also has such a fine guttering to it so does this say anything about it also as far as sword scabbards go. ?
This is what Miks says, but as I do not know how hot your German is, I took the liberty of translating as accuratly as I can:

Silver, remains of guttering with a U shaped profile, separate box chape with flat front and rear lids and a sidewall from twisted/torsioned sheet, which terminates in a pinecone shaped separate end knob; both lids are decorated with an embossed emperors portrait (Coin or medallion imprint) Inscriptions: lid 1 with wreath IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AUG, lid 2 without wreath AUG IMP CAE HADRIANUS. Guttering has nailholes, ends of guttering are broken off.
Thank you so much for your translation those coin type legends do indicate a possible early AD 117/118 just about coming into the Hadrianic period.
You're welcome! Not much trouble and it makes the buildup of said chape clear.
Yes Brian... that is the one I am talking about. It is the only picture of it I am able to find. I would like more pictures of it if possible.

Robert... thank you for your information... is there a drawing or picture that you have? Anything would be helpful for me.

I greatly apologize for my original post. I also posted this question on a number of different sites and forums. I did not realize that the bottom of my post made reference to another forum. I tied to go back and edit it but deleting that line... but was unable to do so. I am sorry for any ill feelings towards another site.

I try to gather as much information as possible from various sources. And /or to find leads to the sources I am looking for.

I am neutral towards all sites and forums. I am here to learn, glean, and hopefully help someone else along the way... in Roman resources or life in general.
Quote:They don't think my Christian name is a valid username, so I gave up trying to become a member. :-(

Ralph Izard himself said you and Jasper are permanently Banned. Forever. Period. IP addresses banned too.

David Wills I know is on the list who aren't supposed to be allowed.

I'll say the site can be biased (I actually agree with some of their opinions, but I'm not going into that, and I certainly don't agree with their more prejudiced remarks).
Not sure as a moderator if you are able to edit my posts. But this discussion was really supposed to be about the Scabbard parts in question. Not a debate about forums. Can those portions of this thread be removed?

It was certainly not "On topic". And I don't want to become the center of a wound inflicted in either direction.
At least take that last portion of my first topic opening off with the link to the other forum.

THank you.
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