Full Version: Romans in Ravenglass, Cumbria, UK
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Excavations will be taking place at Ravenglass during September, in what appears to be the vicus/civilian settlement. For further information to the dig blog at:

It's a busy time on the Cumbrian coast this year, as there are also excavations at Maryport during August/September!
Hello Sandra

I did write to Holly Beavitt-Pike about Ravenglass months ago. As I spent most of my childhood holidays near Ravenglass I know the place very well. Therefore I would love to do some re-constructions of the site if you and Kurt need any.

At the moment I am adding more landscape scenes to my portfolio so I would welcome the opportunity.

Best wishes.

Don't think we currently need any reconstructive drawings. It might be an idea to come up and visit on one of the Open Days - a good place to catch up with Holly, and some of the local people who are digging there, and who had a big hand in initiating the project. Think it'll be a case of seeing what we find over the two seasons we're digging, but once the locals have started digging they may well continue, and build up a very comprehensive idea of settlement in Ravenglass.