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Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL

I've been getting this a lot, lately. It happens with my work computer and my home computer. Anyone else? Any ideas? I can't get in when this happens. Navigation inside the site can result in this error, too.

Me too. Perhaps every other time I try to access the site - just a blank screen with that message. Everything's running very slowly too...

I thought it was my browser (Firefox), but no other sites are affected like this...
It's RAT. The Server RAT is on is a shared server, and currently the Traffic through RAT is too much for the Server to handle. This is being fixed.
Evan's exactly right. I'm going to migrate the site to the Karwansaray Publishers (those of Ancient Warfare) dedicated server which has more than enough 'oomph' to deal with RAT. This migration should be entirely behind the screens and won't affect users of RAT at all, apart from that when it's done, the forum should run much more smoothly.
Smooth is good. Thanks for your work, Jasper.
This is the first day I've had this issue. Good luck on that Jasper. A faster and better server is never a bad thing Smile
Just saw this topic and am having the same problems in spades, including when attempting to post replys its made it practically impossible even to view the forum in the last few days...
Another problem is the page doesnt view properly and I'm wondering if I need to use a different browser, I'm still using IE8 and as you know its no longer supported any advice on this would be appreciated..

Many thanks to all
Crispianus, if your browser is out of date, it's usually easy enough to upgrade to IE9 or IE10, provided your operating system can run those. If not, consider switching to Firefox or Chrome, both of which are excellent and free.
Thanks Jasper I think its going to have to be Chrome Im using IE8 on Windows XP and its causing problems with others sites as well...

Many Thanks

Edit: now using Chrome and everything seems fine viewing forumpages so far still have massive problems with SQL error though..
The MySQL error is not your particular fault.
I have been getting the same problem but not to worry keep up the good work Jasper. !!
Ame to that, Jasper

Larry (Vitruvius) Mager
Hi Jasper Thanks for that, I seem to be having a problem with images showing, I can access the pics in the edit screen so they must have uploaded but dont show in the actual post..

Best Regards
RAT has now moved servers. I can't access all features yet, but I suspect something's directly linked to the old server and simply needs reconfiguring. I'll do that as soon as I can. Nothing's lost! Panickers will be told to grab hold of their towels.
Thanks Again Jasper will await developments...

Best Regards
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