Full Version: Glenmailen Roman Marching Camp Site, NE Scotland
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My sons and I accompanied by Keppie's book (Scotland's Roman Remains) traveled to the site of two marching camps at Ythan Wells, Glenmailen. There wasnt much to see but visiting the site was very interesting. Here are some recent photos of the current site.

[Image: 4EC2D386-722D-49D2-85B9-00A2A7CDB59A-140...9eecd4.jpg]

view of Camp and trench located directly across from the Glenn Mellon Farm

[Image: 440CBA61-D455-4FB9-8B07-89051516969E-140...ef5773.jpg]
The Camp site is located in the field atop the large trench

[Image: F615ED4F-F159-4FEE-8BC0-E7B06333A1C1-140...a65fcf.jpg]
View of trench

[Image: EC8FF5E8-F8D5-4A53-B70F-342F4522AA5A-140...ada52d.jpg]
According to one of the locals, if you follow this path into the trees. There is a rock located next to the small stream where the Romans got their water.

[Image: 0A8CF137-D4BA-45D4-BE6A-E238DAFAA7AA-140...1ba68a.jpg]
The camp site is located in the field above the tree line. The same farmer told me that there is a small area of the field that crops fully mature a week earlier than the rest. He could never explain why but he thoroughly appreciated me telling him the rich Roman history of his farm.