Full Version: Recent Views from Mons Grapius Battlefield
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I visited a couple of proposed sites from the Battle of Mons Grapius. Here are some recent photos.

[Image: 92D304B5-F5CC-45FD-854E-45817B4E8A34-266...ca9877.jpg]
View looking toward the Roman Camp at Durno (no visible remains)

[Image: B567BABD-C37C-4D46-953E-EA47FADE3F61-266...6405ff.jpg]

View of Bennachie from the Roman Camp at Durno

[Image: A13F1697-0E40-4192-AAFD-CFC927A455B8-266...91666c.jpg]

View of battlefield site slopes of Bennachie
2 August 2013

Beautiful landscape photos.

Good luck with your reenactment event.

Has anyone considered doing an Ancient
"After the Battle Magazine" photos
of a Roman sculpture of said battle in a specific
location as a carved relief on a piece of pottery or tomb
with the actual color photo of the battle sight as it
exists now.

Is After The Battle magazine still being published?

If you are doing a promotion for your unit you can
have the power tower, Adobe Photoshopped out and there
are shops that can do the same for video footage
in the USA I imagine in London also or else where in
the UK.

Wish I could drive my future family to such sights someday...
Geoffrey Ives
Thanks Geoff. My son and I hiked up Bennachie this morning. Here are some views that the Caledonians would have seen looking toward the Battlefield.

[Image: 5717997C-9DDA-43DF-840A-FFDF539E3304-266...21e014.jpg]

The slopes of Bennachie

[Image: 93BB1EFE-5E4C-4B4B-B3B4-451DC1417EFC-266...ad56d2.jpg]

The Mither Tap surrounded by a Pict Hill Fort

[Image: 9EC9D236-F045-454F-AEE2-42D788211534-266...6b7304.jpg]
The Gate to the Hill Fort

[Image: 6A5DD75F-2B51-4702-B299-FEC2FFBCE9B5-266...15690b.jpg]
View from inside gate looking toward the Roman Camp of Durno

[Image: 0EB7170D-CF7A-40D4-876C-0BF67344F726-266...c31553.jpg]

My son and I atop Mither Tap. The Roman Camp is located in the background at the left.
I think I had heard that the battlefield might be at Elgin, near Inverness. Ever been there?
Yes ive been to Elgin...not much there just more fields....i dont know if its the real place or not but Bennachie sure the hell looks the part according to the Mons Grapius Book going to be making a yt vid of some of the roman sites that ive visited so far....they should be out in a couple of weeks.
Good job, Brian. It helps when you get the right weather (unlike today). :wink:
thanks...The weather was uncharacteristically nice the whole time I was there.
That's really sad to see Archeolink abandoned like that. I took my family there twice and really enjoyed it both times.
Agreed....its too bad that they couldn't hold any roman reenactment events there....they definitely have the space and the scenery for it.