Full Version: Which corithian Helmet should i buy?
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Hey guys. im looking to buy my first Corinthian styled helmet. I need help cause i want one that isnt a knock off, but actually wearable and proper size. Ive been told DSC is a good brand, but im going to want it to be good quality and meant to be WORN. Thanks aton guys, i appreciate any advice.

Start by deciding what year you wish to have your impression represent. Helmets changed a bit over the centuries. Helps also to know what city state you choose to represent. The term "Corinthian" is used very casually by helmet suppliers.
The DSC helmet is nice, I have one, but it is a bit on the long side. It goes well past your chin like the Deepeeka, overall nice shape and you can't beat the price compared to a custom order.

For some reason we can have relatively accurate off the shelf Roman helmets for $150 but we can only have "okay" off the shelf Corinthian helmets for $150-200 lol.

It's not perfect, but with a little work it could be very accurate, mostly just taking a cutting tool and trimming off some of the excess
Matt, it could be that several people have spent many hours and trips to India to get the Roman gear in shape. Probably owing to a smaller population of people in the Greek reenactment community, less has been done for the Greeks. I couldn't prove that, but I'm just sayin' --