Full Version: Has anyone tried to weave wool fabric?
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12 July 2013


Seeking anyone who has ever tried to weave
woolen fabric in the diamond pattern.

How would one do this what is the process?

What sort of loom?

How would one set the pattern?

How long would it take to make?
I dont want to rush it, the weaving process, never
have I woven anything before.

The person to contact here is Claire Marshall. She posts here from time to time as Cheyenne. Anything to do with period fabrics, clothing, dyes, weaving, etc. is her realm of expertise.
I know two people who have built vertical looms for weaving fabric, it is not something one could pass on in a post or a thread even. It took alot of research to build those looms and more to be ble to set it up and begin weaving.

There is a folk museum museum to me where a lady operates a vertical loom, I suggest trying to contact some local group, a craft club or organization in your area that might be able to teach you how to weave. Once you know what you're doing you can take the next step and build an authentic wooden loom.

Honestly though, its not for the faint hearted!
The Ancient Technology Centre in Cranbourne (UK) are doing similar trials on what will or won't work. Don't think it is particularly Roman in provenance, but somethings never change over time.

They have a textiles group. Get in touch and see if they can help you.
We computed it would take at least a mile (5000m) of yarn to weave a normal-sized military tunic, counting in 12 threads to the inch (5 per cm), and using wool for both warp and weft. That's a pretty sizeable task for the spinners, even before building a loom.

One book that helps describe how to construct the loom is Martha Hoffmann's The Warp-Weighted Loom, ISBN 82-00-08094-3 There is more information in that one volume than is contained in most other books of the same type.

To weave a diamond twill requires a loom fitted with 4 heddles, and a proper sequencing of them as you work down the fabric. The loom itself is basically the same whether 4 or only 1 heddle is used. The difference is how the warp strings are tied, and the choice of which strings are opened to make the shed.
Thank you for posting on my topic I had no idea how involved it is to weave the fabric for a tunic.
I still want to try it.

8+) Just came from the University of Arizona Library and reviewed the book:

Textile Production in Pre Roman Italy
by Margarita Gleba

Part 3 page 40 has the following 5 weave patterns of textile (wool, linnen or flax)

Plain tabby e RE[ 2/2 twill, shevron twill and my personal favorite is diamond twill.

A fantastic technical read.

I recently met a man at work who is an award winning weaver
cant seem to raise him on the telephone for some reason.
He left the employer before I did.

If your from the Arizona region and are a weaver post on here or contact me.

Give me a description of what I would need to learn to become a weaver or what is involved
in the project.

I like your highly technical and well informed reply.

These are aspects I must consider when attempting this task.

I like the challenge it sounds daunting!