Full Version: Ancient Roman Gladius stands
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Does any one know what, if any sort of Gladius stands Imperial Romans used as keeping ones gladius from getting rusty from what ever moisture the leather and wood in the scabbard soake through to the blade. Since it isn't a good Idea to display ones gladius on edge like a lot of swords are shown, I would have to think that it was put in a stand vertically with the gladius resting on the pommel nut. maybe on a table so as to be grabbed quick if needed.
Let me know what y,all think if you would. Now I go back to watching "Godzilla, King of the Monsters" 1953 w/ Raymond Burr as Steve Martin......Infinitely better than the original version "Gojira"
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If you oil the blade, the problem is solved, basically, and it doesn't take much effort to unsheath a gladius, bro, as long as the scabbard has been properly made. Many come with leather inside the throat, which hangs up the blade. When that is removed, the gladius can be unsheathed easy as it needs to be.
Gladius scabbards usually have rings attached for hanging off belts/baldricks. They also hang quite well off wall hooks, Big Grin

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I just didn't know if, like the Samurai, the romans displayed their swords on a stand.
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