Full Version: Ash wood scabbard found at Stanwick St. John
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Ave, y'all
In the latest issue of "Minerva" May/June 2013, page 23 there is a photo of an Ash scabbard found @ Stanwick St. John in North Yorkshire, England. The area was a stronghold for the Brigante tribe. Sadly I don't have a way to put a picture on the net, but maybe one of our English cousins might be able to. If done right, a copy could could be stunning!!!
Let me know what y'all think........
Vitruvius.............aka Larry Mager
is this the one?
Ave Jack,.......and WOW!!!!!!,
The photo that I have from "Minerva" (a publication which is further proof of our British Cousins superiority in publishing research professionally that is) has bee cropped to only show the scabbard. On my photo, the scabbard tip appears to be cut out in the center leaving only a guttering of sorts around the edges with a finial of sorts on the very tip. Does your source give any details as to time period, Were the strips glued over an inner base or were they glued and butted together and finally, how long is the blade? Truth be told, Jack, any info you can find out would be helpful as I wish to make a copy of the scabbard for myh own for the Segontium sword. From the apparent length of it, I'd say it was a spatha of some sort.....I could be , (and most probably am),wrong, however, one never knows. Great job of finding the photo! You have made a friend!
Vitruvius......aka Larry Mager
One last thought Jack,
What museum is it in and does the museum have a website?
Salve, and thanks again,
Vitruvius....aka Larry Mager
Glad to help! Smile

To be honest I did a few google searches and found this here,

Also I just found this but Im not sure if this is what you were referring to as not being able to get the photos from.
Wow Jack!!!!!
That's enough info to make one....Lolol!!!! This could turn into a beautiful piece of Art. "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, Louie"Thank You...Thank You ......Thank You.........
Vitruvius ....aka Larry Mager
Youre very welcome!! I really love sword research and reconstruction so this is certainly helping me out. It is a really interesting piece in its design with the brass fittings. The chape seems like Roman influence while the throat is more celtic. I would love to see or try and make speculations on the sword hilt fittings that went with it! This would be a really fun project to recreate. Big Grin
Hi there,
I'm glad that you are into sword research. I think that the Segontium sword would work for it. As time goes on, I plan to build one to go with my Segontium. Please keep me up to date on your progress. Thanks again,
Vitruvius....aka Larry Mager
The sword and scabbard, like the rest of the items from Wheeler's dig at Stanwick, are kept at the Yorkshire Museum in York. I've got a copy of Wheeler's 1954 report if you want any more details.
Hi Matt,
I sure would like a copy of Wheeler's report. I will PM you with my E-mail address as soon as I finish up some items as I just got out of bed....I slept in today...oops! Thanks again,
Vitruvius....aka Larry Mager