Full Version: Pilos / Konos helmet - wich period ?
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In witch period the Pilos helmet became totally obsolete?

I still found different contrasting information... it is true that during the III a.C. it was still used in hellenized contexts ?

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According to Götz Waurick in Antike Helme, the later type of pylos appearing in 185-168 BCE, with "Stirnbügel, Faltenrand & spitzer Kalotte", is mentioned in Roman sources as late as the 1st century BCE, but by then, it certainly was no longer used as a regular combat helmet, its practical use dying out at the end of the 2nd century BCE.
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I believe that they were shown on coins well into the 2nd century BC, you may want to consult Juhel's article on this subject cited here:

A conical helmet (although potentially of a different type) was found in a late 2nd century BC tomb in Numidia, see here: