Full Version: Legio VI Victrix and Fides
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A request for assistance if I may.

Legio VI received the title Pia Fidelis in 89 AD from Domitian.

Does anyone know of any evidence of the Legion displaying the open palmed symbol on their standards before that date? There are some inconclusive references to this in the coinage of Vindex and Galba in the Neronian revolt (68 - 69AD), but does anyone know of any thing more convincing? It is tempting to accept this idea since Legio VI declared Galba emperor and the coinage was being used as propaganda to influence soldiers and citizens.

(The coinage of Vindex discussed is in Colin Kraay's Numismatic Chronicle article)

Thank you in advance.
so the open hand is awarded to legions which have the titel Fidelis? interesting. i thought every legion had it and that is was a reminder to the soldiers oath.
I am no expert on Roman symbols but I thought that the "open Hand" symbol was a throwback to earlier times as a symbol or standard (it made sense to me at the time I read it as maniple means "handful") of the maniple that continued on into Imperial times. I think that the symbol of a sheath of corn or hay on top of a pole goes back even further to when the Romans fought in phalanxes. Open hand was supposed to mean strength and unity or even a Roman Salute I think. Without any sources i can only speculate that the minting of coins by Vindex with this symbol maybe a call for unity and to the "return of good old fashioned Roman Values" after the excesses of Nero a lot like modern politicians harp on about these days. Maybe to the soldiers at least when they received their pay. Sorry I have no sources, just something I remember reading a long time ago.
Michael Kerr
You are right, Michael. Vindex was echoing symbols used on coinage used my Octavian and Antony after their civil war to call for unity.

The speculation is that, as Vindex has no troops of his own, he was calling on a specific unit not troops in general. The supposition is that it was Legio Vi Victrix in Spain with Galba.

It would be nice to find other evidence.
Hi Vindex, I am sure turning up at the legionary camp with a couple of dozen wagons full of newly minted money would help them decide who to back. :grin:
Michael Kerr
The only standard I can find for LegioVI Victrix is the the Bull. It appears to be one of the symbols given to Legio VI, by the founder of the Legion Julius Ceasar. Most all his Legions carried the Bull.  Maybe this link will help?