Full Version: Great picture Greek armour etc on 5th C terracotta
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There's a new Facebook page about the Thracians that features some great pictures of Greek arms & armour that I have not seen before e.g.[attachment=6954]TerracottaGreekwarriors500-450BCApolloniaPontica.jpg[/attachment]

What do you suppose is going on with the guy in front? What is he holding? Has he been stabbed from behind and he is holding his guts out the front, as described by Homer?
There's SO much detail on that...perhaps a little too much in certain places Confusedhock: !

Thanks for sharing, and for the link.
Lots of interesting details. Looks like both dudes are on the same side so it is unlikely that one is stabbing the other. No idea what the dude in front could be holding. Are the shoulder flaps both secured at one point on the breast? I love the detail on the back of the aspis. Does it have a shoulder strap? The ptyruges look the same as the detail around the abdomen so are they vertical plates or some kind of quilting?
I think the guy on the right is just shouting; the thing he's holding may be a sling.

(and the original photo happens to be here: )