Full Version: Nice Flickr photostream
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Came across this Flickr photostream, by Rien_Photo, of kit and objects in various museums. Includes the Kalkriese mask, and items from Siscia and Illerup.

I never knew the mask had studs at the bottom.

For those who don't know, right click on a photo for the option to go to the original sized image.
Thanks Jim- fantastic resource, and if one guy took all these he has travelled all over Europe to photograph Roman antiquities.

Re the studs on the face mask, there is a Vindolanda original drawing / doodle of what looks like a parade of helmeted soldiers plus a head/ face mask. If it is a face mask, it shows straps that could be attached to the studs to hold the face mask on rather than attached by a hinge . I can't find the drawing though...can someone help?
I think that is the stand it is sitting on Jim?
His Galleries go alongside a blog/website: