Full Version: Roman helmets during the time of Heraclius
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What helmets were used during Heraclius' army?
On 100% so-called Spangenhelm type had to be widely used in Heraclian army.Apart from this also lamellar helmets.Just type it into google pictures and you'll certainly find some photos of such helmets.
Are there any pictures of this helmet?
Some images from or near the time Heraclius:

[Image: Achiles_Silver_Disk3.jpg]

[Image: Achiles_Silver_Disk2.jpg]

[Image: david2.jpg]

[Image: Isola%20Rizza%20Dish%20-%20detail.jpg]

The last photo is of the Isola Rizza dish. It probably shows a Lombardic warrior but the helmet type is that of a "spangenhelm". I agree with Pavel. Just search for "spangenhelm" here on RAT and you'll find many examples of originals and reconstructions. To make it easier just search the thread titles only.

I would cast my vote onto simple spangenhelms (even without cheek- and neckguards) an simple ridge helms without cheek- and neckguards.