Full Version: Patrolling the Rhine and beyond
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self introduction apart, this is my first message, so be lenient, please.
Now, I'm reading some stuff concerning roman control of central Germany , till the Elbe, before 9AD.
First, is there any evidence of roman navy units patrolling rivers like Lippe, Elms etc.?
Also, I presume the main ships' class used were liburnae, but, is there any chance were employed larger vessels too?
More or less connected with this subject, I was wondering if there is any good book, lavishly illustrated, possibly, Confusedmile: concerning also this kind of light ships.
Pitassi's "Roman warships" seems interesting, but since it quite expensive too, I'd like to Know somebody else opinion.
Thanks in advance.
Do you know the navis iusoria, a river patrol boat? Via google you find some articles and also some videos about the reconstruction.

I can't remember anything larger than a Bireme is mentioned for the roman riverfleets. It seems that, even for the 2 big mainfleets in Italy just the flagship was larger than a Trireme in the imperial era.

There were support castles along the Lippe. So you could expect transport ships on the Lippe guarded by the navy as usual.
The Liburna was the biggest ship the Imperial Romans had until the 6th Century, with the development of the Dromon. It was capable of traversing rivers.

The Navis Iusoria, Navis Actuaria, and Hemiolia were all River patrol boats, Google them and there's a museum with some reconstructions.
I see. Thanks for the suggestions!
No problem, good luck with your studies.