Full Version: A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities by J.C McKeown (NF)
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If you have an interest in ancient Rome, and like the idea of a book that is full of interesting titbits from that period, then this is most definitely the book for you. The bite-sized pieces of information are all historically referenced. Twenty-three chapters on subjects ranging from family life, names, the army and slaves to animals, buildings and toilets provide a huge number of interesting points.

Very enjoyable reading, from a couple of minutes dipping in, to longer periods when wanting to know more about a particular subject.
Indeed, this is an excellent book, the kind you keep close at hand for you can dive in at just about any page and discover something new or amusing about the ancient Romans.

In the same vein I would also recommend the books by Vicki Leon, in particular Working IX To V and How To Mellify A Corpse.

If you do not already own copies then you should consider finding space on your shelf or E-Reader for these fun books.