Full Version: The Dictator Cinncinnatus
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Hello friends

My son is taking Latin 3 this year and is very inspired by Cinncinnatus- in particular his relinquishing leadership upon the defeat of the sabines et al. Anyone believe that this was a move for the "greater good of Rome" or that perhaps he had ulterior motives? Any books out there about this man that a very bright 16 year old might be able to follow?

Just interested to hear opinions of this man as his life does sound pretty incredible.

Thank you!!
My understanding of Cincinnatus's life would lead me to speculate that he didn't want anything to do with politics after his emergency powers were rendered unnecessary. My history is a little rusty, but I seem to remember that the entire reason that he was living on a farm was because his son, in the position of Tribune, had disgraced himself. Cincinnatus, being the paterfamilias, either sold his property or had it confiscated.
So, my opinion is that Cincinnatus agreed to take up arms out of loyalty to the Roman state, but very likely still harbored quite a grudge against his old Patrician "friends". I think it very unlikely that he would have been tempted to hold on to his Dictatorship, given 1) the Republican disdain for absolute power, and 2) keeping an active political life would mean having to keep the company of people who he likely saw as backstabbers.
Given that scenario, I'm sure the idea of laying down your office and returning to the farm was pretty attractive.