Full Version: Interesting Vindonissa Gladius Crossband
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Here is a picture from the Vindonissa catalogue. I have no information only this drawing. Does anyone know anything or have any information about this particular type of gladius crossband. It is in the catalogue next to several other gladii crossbands.

The three circles appear to have a hole in the center. Are these holes for solid rivets, enamel headed rivets.......any ideas?

At first I did not consider this a crossband no matter in what context it is shown but it could be.

Any input is appreciated.

Hello Paolo!

The crossband from Vindonissa is of tinned bronze. With the holes it could have been riveted to the scabbard. There are some bronze examples from Dangstetten with the rivets still in place. A silver pair of crossbands from Kalkriese with only one instead of three roundings have agate gems inlayed. So the examples from Vindonissa and Dangstetten could have had worn gems too.
The example from Dangstetten date c. 15-9/8 BC, Kalkriese 9 AD TAQ and Vindonissa 16/17 AD TPQ.

Thank you for the reply. I know the Kalkreise had the gems but the holes for the gems were quite large. The holes for this Vindonissa example appear to be quite small. Maybe the rivet heads were inlaid with small gems? There is also a larger hole to the far right of the crossband. Maybe this is for the rivets and the smaller holes in the center for some inlay.

Would you happen ro have photo of the Dangstetten? I have pictures of the other two.

Thank you
I would like to revive this topic since I need some more information. Does anyone have an actual picture of the artifact. The information given by Decebalus is great but I need more about their appearance.....are the disks perfectly flat or is there some sort of concentric circle. When looking at the photo I posted, it appears as if there is some sort of outer circle.

Would the holes have large head rivets in them with the agate inlay in the rivet head or would the stones, if any, be directly put into the holes as is.

Would it be better to use simple metal domed rivets instead?