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.... a filmed lecture of Dr. Thomas Maurer of University Frankfurt/Main
on "Das nördliche Hessische Ried in römischer Zeit" held at Trebur-Astheim, alstes Rathaus, on
October 19th, 2012.
Courtesy of Markus Zwittmeier, MA ( >> see his homepage -- a second source for this also) and by consent of Dr. Thomas Maurer ( Who also held a lecture on the last Limeskongress in Bulgaria).
I might add, that Dr. Maurer was one of the excavators of the large roman settlement at/around Gross-Gerau and the late-roman Burgus at Astheim -- just to mention a small part of his works.
YouTube link :
Hey, did I mention the film concen :errr: trates on the voice of D. Maurer, showing all the accompanying
pics and tables ? Cool
Well what can I say : Big thanks to Markus for "taking pains" and Dr. Maurer for making this finally available :!:




I might stress here, that the usual copyrights apply -- as to Dr. Maurer and the author/s of the
pics and tables, -- right ?!

Further edit :
Due to the large size of the video you may experience "hickups" or even "stop".
I did overcome these stops by enlarging the "ares of display" to full display and then moving/dragging the cursor of the video slightly forward.